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Game Girl is a parody of Taio Cruz's hit single, Dynamite. As a big fan of Dynamite, I strove to lovingly recreate every aspect of it that I could, but in a sort of 8-bit, pseudo-chiptune style.

The song takes what I believed to be the spirit behind the original, where Cruz is going to "light it up like it's dynamite" at the club and rebroadcast it from the perspective of two love-struck gamers who plan to "knock it out like it's Final Fight" over some rec time spent sharing some good, old-fashioned gaming.

Game Girl debuted June 16 on Episode 193 of IGN's Podcast Beyond. A very special thanks to the IGN Podcast Beyond crew for all the great support, kind words, and being as awesome sauce as they come. BEYOND!!!


I came to play, play, play, play.
Our quarter's up, now what you say, say, say, say?
That's why we're here at this arcade, 'cade, 'cade, 'cade.
Girl, you and me, we put them away, 'way, 'way, 'way.

Yeah. Yeah.

Yo, when my baby comes along,
Well, then, it's on like Donkey Kong! Yeah!

She's at a stage I've never seen before.
Level Seven of the Light World.
It's clear that she's my all-time highest score.
I'm her Game Boy; She's my Game Girl.

We rockin' DDR to some J-Pop tunes.
Co-op "Super Ace" 1942.
Roll some Tank! Tank! Tank! Blowin' off the roof.
Doesn't matter, babe, 'nless I'm here with you.

Let's take it home, home, home, home.
Jump onto our favorite console, 'sole, 'sole, 'sole.
Don't be expecting my game to go, go, go, go
Easy on you just 'cause you're a boy, boy, boy, boy.

Yeah. Yeah.

And so we crowd our big TV
To get some friendly rivalry! Yeah!

We Party Mario so hard it hurts -
Sporting blisters from our tech toys.
He loves when I wear his Nintendo shirts.
I'm his Game Girl; He's my Game Boy.

Dreamcastin' Power Stone, Jet Set Radio,
Got some GoldenEye on the '64.
Might be hours 'fore we get crushed by the moon,
(It might be hours before we're crushed by the moon.)
But it's all I need just to be with you.

We're gonna game it all night.
(We're gonna game it all night.)
We're gonna be the last ones standing.
(The last ones standing at all.)
After all the fire fights,
(After all the fire fights...)
We're gonna leave the blast zone laughing.

And I would rather be
Hiding against a wall (up against a wall)
With you in a mall (in a war-torn mall)
Just waiting for the zombies to clear...
Zombies to clear, because the
Coast isn't clear...

Her stats are guaranteed to make me spin.
Hottie champion of my whole world.
Hand-eye coordination FTW.
He's my Game Boy; She's my Game Girl.

'Cause we gon' save the world, sitting side-by-side.
We gon' light it up like it's Vampire Night.
I'll be Player One; I'll be Player Twice.
We gon' knock it out like it's Final Fight.


released June 16, 2011
Written, produced, and performed by Danny and Tori Wiessner.



all rights reserved


Danny and Tori | 2-Player Co-op Walla Walla, Washington

"Video Games + Relationships"

Tori and I met in college and have pretty much been the epicest team of all time ever since, turning single-player games into two-player experiences.

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